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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 | 08:32 | 0 Talking ♥
ain sayang mamat taw..sayang sngt2..ain mntk maaf taw sbb uat mamat menyirap gn mamat.. ain syg mamat sng2.. ain tak kesah mamat nk layan ain cm mner pon.. biar jelh ain nagis knpe mamat nk risau.. nk ekot kn hari2 ain nagis... bila mamat uat ain sakit hati msty ain nagis.. tkda tak nagis..ain tknk tido .. ain suh call td sbb ain rindu mamat.. tapi mamat layan ain cm nk tknk,, mrah ain.. tenking ain...sakit sngt hati ain.. mamat uat jelh mamat nk buat.. ain tak kesah .. janji mamat bhgia.. law mamat tknk ain .. mamat ckp jer... tkpyh la uat ain cm nih...ain tak bley la cm nih .. msty nk nagis jer..tkpe la mamat.. k bhai

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♥ Hello World ♥

Hey peeps ! welcome to my blog . the owner of the blog is Nurul Ain the blog was born on this year :)
dont judge me if you dont
know anything about me !

♥ Past is Past ♥

Past is Past . whatever you do know is for your future ! study hard and never give up can make your life have meaning >.< do the best , be the best among the best !

The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him ! so , dont have to reply what the thing that enemy do at you :) or you dont ever search for have enemy .

The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart. I think you all understand thats proverb rite ? dont be the girl/boy like sucker ! just noble -_-

Always laugh when you can; It is cheap medicine. AHAHAHAHA ! looked ! I laugh :P So , dont stress dont oppress dont worry ! just laugh .... like me ! #AWESOME !

Patience is concentrated strength. well ~ patience patience patience and patience . just patience and always patience . yeahh patience ! dont get angry ! just patience because I have no idea to explain this proverb :) AHAHAHA !

Patience and fortitude conquer all things. This proverb are really true ! without this stuffs , you cant be the good person or YOU'LL NEVER SUCCESS ! you got it ? think positively !

Okay ! I Nurul Ain , and want to say that I Love Allah ! Rasuallah ! My Family ! My Friends ! and other . I nOt the good girl but I try to be that .
I want to be the best Hamba , Umat , daughter , and a good friend !
I love to make people laugh , because it can make me laugh !
I'm the weakest of the human T__T

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