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cInTa ALLAH..=)
Friday, 2 December 2011 | 06:30 | 0 Talking ♥

seringkah kita terfikir , bgamna mulia dan bersihnye hati nabi , ttp trsenyum bila di benci  , ttp tenang bila di musuhi , ttp mbantu walau disakiti ,ttp mnyeru walau di usir pergi . knpe kte mudah benci bila dikasari , mudah putus asa bila yg di lakukan tak mnjadi , mudah kcewa bila org lain tak memahami , mudah trguris bila di nasihati . AyUh BaNgKiTkAn DIRI !... agar segala yg indah menghiasi peribadi ,krana qudwah  kte adalah nabi , krna itu lah sifat  HAMBA ALLAH YG HAKIKI !..

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Hey peeps ! welcome to my blog . the owner of the blog is Nurul Ain the blog was born on this year :)
dont judge me if you dont
know anything about me !

♥ Past is Past ♥

Past is Past . whatever you do know is for your future ! study hard and never give up can make your life have meaning >.< do the best , be the best among the best !

The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him ! so , dont have to reply what the thing that enemy do at you :) or you dont ever search for have enemy .

The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart. I think you all understand thats proverb rite ? dont be the girl/boy like sucker ! just noble -_-

Always laugh when you can; It is cheap medicine. AHAHAHAHA ! looked ! I laugh :P So , dont stress dont oppress dont worry ! just laugh .... like me ! #AWESOME !

Patience is concentrated strength. well ~ patience patience patience and patience . just patience and always patience . yeahh patience ! dont get angry ! just patience because I have no idea to explain this proverb :) AHAHAHA !

Patience and fortitude conquer all things. This proverb are really true ! without this stuffs , you cant be the good person or YOU'LL NEVER SUCCESS ! you got it ? think positively !

Okay ! I Nurul Ain , and want to say that I Love Allah ! Rasuallah ! My Family ! My Friends ! and other . I nOt the good girl but I try to be that .
I want to be the best Hamba , Umat , daughter , and a good friend !
I love to make people laugh , because it can make me laugh !
I'm the weakest of the human T__T

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